About The Project

Kenyan Rides

The app is designed to make it easy for customers to browse available cars, request a booking, and manage their rentals or purchases. Flutter was the technology of choice because it is a cross-platform app for both Android and iOS. Laravel was used for the backend. The app is integrated with Google Maps and other third-party APIs to provide geolocation and other features.


Features as per client needs.

  • Car Listings: The app features a comprehensive list of available cars for both hire and sale.
  • Users can browse listings, view photos and descriptions, and filter by features such as make, model, and price.
  • User Profiles: The app allows users to create their own profiles, where they can view their rental history, and manage their payment information.
  • Booking : Users can easily request a booking for a car they're interested in hiring or purchasing, selecting the rental period or purchase options and providing payment information.
  • Notifications: The app sends users notifications when their booking request has been accepted or rejected, and also sends reminders about upcoming rental periods.
  • Payment Processing: The app features a secure payment processing system, allowing users to pay for their rental or purchase with a credit card or other payment methods.
  • Admin Dashboard: The app includes an admin dashboard, where the dealership can manage car listings, view user bookings, process payments, and handle customer support requests.